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How to Introduce Yourself to a New Group of People in the Workplace

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Why is it Important to Know How to Introduce Yourself?

Introducing oneself is a simple but very important process of meeting new people. You are introducing yourself to someone for the first time. Whether it be your new boss, your friend’s parents, or your date’s parents, it is imperative that you do not let them forget you… the right way. 

An introduction can make or break a new relationship. If done right, an introduction can be an effective way to make a good impression and pave the way for future conversations. However, if done wrong, one’s introduction can leave others with a sour first impression and lead to an awkward situation. Ultimately it is the job of the person making an introduction to ensure that their words and gestures are doing as much as possible to make another person feel welcomed and comfortable in their surroundings. 

In this article, we’ll go over the basics of introduction, the best ways to introduce yourself at work and tips to help you break the ice without melting down 🙂 

How to Introduce Yourself – The Basics

With the right introduction, you will be able to grab the attention of your audience and show them that you are sure they will like what you have to offer.

You need to make sure that your introduction is compelling and it makes people want to hear more. You can do this by telling a story about yourself and what you do in a fun and interesting way.


I am a 21 year old recent graduate from a competitive public high school. I have always been a hard worker and achiever. I have been taking AP courses since 8th grade and I was valedictorian of my senior class.

I am currently enrolled in the business school at UC Berkeley where I’m majoring in entrepreneurship.

My favorite hobbies are crossfit, cooking (this is the actual reason I signed up for Crossfit), and watching my favorite team (Chelsea) destroy my friends’.

I hope to one day own my own business or manage one for someone else.

I am outgoing, kind, and great with people!

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What are the Best Ways for Introducing Yourself at Work Events?

When we go to a social event, we need to introduce ourselves to others. We want people to know who we are and what we do.

There are many ways of introducing yourself at work events, but there are some that are more memorable than others.

You can use the following ways of introducing yourself on a work event:

Give people your name and say something brief about what you do for work—a few sentences is enough. Share some stories or anecdotes about your day-to-day life at your job. This approach not only lets you tell people who you are, but also lets them know what it’s like to be in your shoes. It may even make them feel closer to you––which is always good for networking!

There are many ways to introduce yourself at work events, but the most important thing is being confident. You should never be too shy to approach people at the event. Introduce yourself by saying, “Hi, my name is ____” and ask how they are doing or if they would like to chat with you more later on in the event.

If you’re an introvert though, we’ve listed reasons why you should do it from your sofa 🙂

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3 Ways to Start Conversations remotely

Do you have trouble starting conversations with new people? Well, it doesn’t get better when half the workplace is stuck at home due to an active pandemic situation. 

Luckily, there are some simple ways to start conversations that are easy and effective online. 

#1 Setup a fun background 

If you’re using Zoom or Teams on a daily basis, there is an easy way to make people talk. Set yourself on the beach, or on the moon. Here’s my favorite list to go to!

#2 Use a collaborative whiteboard

If you’re using a video chat platform, it can be difficult to start a conversation where everyone is passively listening to what you’re saying. Instead, you should opt-in for a more active conversation with collaborative whiteboard. Our favorite comes from Miro’s team.

#3 Get some help from funny bots

It’s not an easy feat to have something funny to say to break the ice at any time. Well, I’ve got the perfect helper for you! Icanhazdadjoke is a slack integration which provides one of the largest selections of dad jokes available on the internet. 

You can get a random dad joke on demand in your Slack channel with the slash command /dadjoke.

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How Can You Make an Effective Introduction in Meetings?

Instead of coming in guns blazing, you might consider a softer approach in your introduction.

In the best case scenario, you have a few minutes before the meeting starts to prepare yourself. This is when you can think about what you would like to say in the introduction.

Maybe you’re going to be giving a presentation or someone else is going to give one for you, but either way, it’s important that you come across as calm and confident and not rushed.

Here are some tips for making an effective introduction in meetings:

1. Say something that will catch people’s attention

2. Speak concisely

3. Focus on the key messages you want to convey

4. Ensure that you include a call to action

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Bonus Tips on Avoiding Awkward Silence at Social Events

What do you say when you don’t know what to say? It is a question that all of us have been asking ourselves at one point or another. If you are an introvert or if you encounter introverts at an event, the answer will probably involve some form of awkward silence. 

Here are some conversation tips that will help you avoid awkward silence at social events:

Speak with the person in advance, so they know that it’s not just an awkward meeting or networking event.

Arrange seating for them near the exit or away from crowds of people.

Bring them something interesting to talk about. For example, ask about their favorite movie or what they are reading at the moment.

Keep any introductions brief so they don’t feel trapped or pressured into talking endlessly about themselves – but do allow them time to share if they want!

I hope this will help you get the best of your introductions in the future. That said, I’m curious what are YOUR ways to introduce yourself in your workplace, let me know in the comments!

How to Introduce Yourself to a New Group of People in the Workplace
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