Our new office & thoughts on the benefits of being incubated

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This week we moved into our new office @ La Pepiniere.

First thoughts: it’s great to have a new home, where we are really in the middle of things.

Just after moving in, Giacomo puts his feet up. Probably the last time for the next few months that he will have time to do so.

Giacomo enjoying the new office


The benefits of being incubated:

  • We are surrounded by startups. Most we do not know yet, but it’s great to be surrounded by that energy.
  • We can easily expand our team. We don’t have to guess at what size we will be in two years time when signing a lease for fixed space.
  • Meeting rooms are just easier than before.
  • Receiving visitors is easier than before.
  • Great common areas, gym and front desk
  • Very likely to get certain government funding as a result of being incubated
  • A chance to eat our own dog food by creating a Lounjee group for the incubator that brings people together…

If you’re looking for us, you’ll find us here.

Feel free to drop by or get in touch!

Patrick enjoying new office


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