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The Curious Tale of White Label Apps and How to Use Them to Your Advantage

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Exploring the Rise of the White Label App

The rise of the white label app has been one of the most noticeable developments in the software industry over the last few years. This trend has grown to become a very popular option for software developers.

According to statista.com, mobile devices account for nearly 50% of all web traffic worldwide, and that number is still on the rise. And, if a visitor cannot find your brand in the App Store when they’re looking for your services, or if they see your services under the logo of a different company, chances are they’re not going to click/download your app.

This is where the white labels shine, since you are now able to use this approach to create your own niche market.

But what exactly is a white label app? And how can you benefit from using them?

What is a White Label App?

A white label app is basically an app that has been customized for a company’s needs, displaying their brand and products or services. 

White labels make it easier for companies to use mobile apps as marketing tools, reaching out to more customers without too much effort and maintaining their own branding at the same time.

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The Benefits of a White Label Product for Your Business

Digital marketing is the most effective way to make a business successful. It can help boost sales and give your brand more exposure. However, there are many challenges such as the need for large budgets and time.

Luckily, White Label Apps can help with all of these issues and more.

White label products are a solution for businesses that want to be involved in digital marketing without the burden of hiring content writers and designers or paying for expensive software licenses.

One of the biggest benefits is that they make it easy to start a business with little to no initial investment. They also make it easier to customize products and services for customers, and cost-effective for businesses to deploy them.

A white label product allows you to brand your product as your own while using someone else’s backend technology. This means that you can save on development costs, gain access to a pre-existing software or service, and support from someone else who has already solved your potential customer’s problems already. The downside is that you lose some control over how the product is designed and branded.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a White Labelled Product?

When developing an app, the budget will largely depend on what you want your app to do. Apps with larger features will cost more to develop than apps with fewer features.

Choosing an app development company can also affect the final price tag. Different companies may have different prices for similar services. It’s worth looking into these factors before signing a contract with any potential company.

That being said, on average the cost of development for a white label product is equivalent to the cost of development for an iphone application. In this case, some companies would spend around $3,000 on a full-blown app and some would spend around $5,000.

Looking for a white label app for your community and/or your upcoming events? Here you go

Who uses them?

White label apps are used by a variety of industries, but they are most popular among those in the marketing and event management space. For example, some companies make use of them to generate events on behalf of their clients which they promote on social media or on their own website.

Examples of successful white label apps in the community & event industries

Lounjee specialises in unlocking the untapped potential of professional communities. We help dozens of clients in several industries and here are a few examples illustrating how they use our white label:

Remote working and Digital nomadism are on the rise. This branded app is used by thousands of Digital nomads around the world to connect with other digital nomads around you who match your professional goals and interests.

It’s often difficult to establish and maintain connections (and indeed the right connections) with fundraisers and peers abroad. This branded app opens an online community of fundraisers around the world

The International Biennale of Glass (IBG) is the largest and most professionally-oriented event in Bulgaria devoted exclusively to glass art. When the pandemic struck, the IBG and Lounjee team worked hard to support the continuation of their program.

Now the event has transformed into an annual community where artists can exchange all year long!

White-label - Take action now

Conclusion & How to use a wla- Actions you can take right now!

This article has covered the basics of white label apps. So it’s time for some actionable tips to help you get started on using one.

-If you’re an entrepreneur, then try to use your app as a marketing tool that will help you stand out in the market. Give it a catchy name that will make people remember it more easily.

-If you’re a freelancer, see if there are any ways in which your app can be monetized while working on your other projects. For example, there are many programmers who have created an app to manage their work schedule and freelance activity among other things – all while they still offer their services as a programmer for potential clients.

-For startups and SMBs, you should make sure that your app is easy to find with all of its features while also making sure that it is user-friendly. You can do this by following these 3 steps:

1) Enhance your SEO abilities by including keywords in your content, creating meta titles etc.

2) Use landing pages for different forms of advertising on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. 

3) Make sure that you provide user feedback to the app developer so that they keep it updated with the latest features your users want. 

The Curious Tale of White Label Apps and how to use them to your advantage
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The Curious Tale of White Label Apps and how to use them to your advantage
The Curious Tale of White Label Apps and how to use them to your advantage
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