There is harm in asking

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Picture the scene. Someone has asked if you would be kind enough to connect them to someone of real value in your network.

And after they sign off “what’s the harm in asking?” But the only way you will introduce them is that if the other person also finds them of particular value. So you cannot possibly make the introduction if you don’t think that is likely to happen.

So now so you can’t make the introduction.

And they can’t ask you for an introduction again.

Or if they did, you would ignore it.

When you can connect people based on it being beneficial all round, then it’s easy to do the favor. But you have to point out to me what would be beneficial exactly for this person in my network they want an introduction to.

Spell it out for me. Just in case I might miss it.

And then my job is easy.

Can you offer something the other person is actively seeking? That’s what it comes down to. If you can, bingo.


Also, if you want to throw in a secondary point in common, it could be one of:

  • both worked at a previous company
  • can offer something the other person is actively seeking
  • industry expertise they want
  • had a friend or a spouse in common
  • have a hobby in common

Once this is clear, things really happen


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