Video Interview: How Lounjee uses Lean Startup

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See a video interview where Patrick interviews Giacomo about how taking a lean approach to validating assumptions has led Lounjee to be the engaging successful product it is today!

This video is also available as part of the Lean Startup course on

Key Takeaways

Lounjee are validating assumptions with lean startup principles.

After sharing the first version of their app with around 50 friends, they measured how many people came back a second time.  This enabled them to gauge proxy interest in the app. Not only was retention high, but they found out anecdotally that 2 sets of people met up in real life. A result they weren’t expecting.

Go to where people are

Because a target segment was business people & professionals and a key use case was people networking when waiting for trains or planes, Giacomo went to the Eurostar lounge and started asking people to look at his clickable prototype. He asked for an email if someone was interested to learn more later.

Form hypothesis and prove them

Giacomo was looking for ways to kill this project! His default state was that this wouldn’t work and he wanted proof that it did. The hypothesis was that telling people the reason they could meet (what they have in common and what purpose they share) would prompt them to chat. This was ultimately proven, but if it wasn’t, Giacomo was happy to find another hypothesis or kill the project.

Use the scientific method

Giacomo is a phD in biochemistry. He is a trained scientist. Using the lean startup approach of running experiments to validate hypothesis is exactly the scientific method that he used previously in the lab! A rigorous approach helps him to maximize his learning and reduce the time of learning cycles.


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